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right now i have no plans of blogging, but when i do, i will first think of brushing up my skills, and when i think that i have got the talents of playing with the words, i will do it


right now i have only one talent:



so, let me do what i do the best…sleep like a dead fuckin animal….who has no worries of waking up the next day….who sleeps as if he has no purpose in life as if he was born to sleep……to experience the ecstasy of snoring and drifting into the sweetest dreams to tighten himself up in the cozy bed and the fluffy pillow and doze off as if he is the regular and heavy paying customer of the fairy who drops dreams to the sleeping homosapiens’ eyes







Posted on: March 12, 2011

I don’t know which phase of life i am actually in, but this question always keep bugging me. “What is life?” we sleep n then wake up in the morning.  Take shower to see this new day which is gonna teach us a new lesson at the end of it.  Is it just to be committed with these books  n get placed in a co. or start ur own to earn some money or hang out with thoz beautiful girls in wonderful places. i dont know why but it happens to me like….whenever i find the key to success someone goes and changes the lock…may be he wants me go higher….it is really lucky to live in this wonderful part of the world. incredible india this z wat they call this place. No need to describe it. I respect  every culture n pray to lord the almighty the merciful  to make this world a better place to live in.  life can be difficult sometimes.  it gets bumpy and things not going exactly like you planned  but thats wat make it interesting . it is fun I would say. Brain  this thing stops functioning sometimes or works faster than expected or needed. It is not necessary to understand all the things in life n forgetting u can’t do that. It takes time to remove some memories stuck deep into our hearts. And sometimes we forget some really important things. life is not a race there is always a second chance.  in life the first act is always exciting and the second act, thats were the depth comes in. nevertheless live to the extreme end. I don’t know why I am writing ol this.  ok stop. stop thinking…..

I have been reading others blog for quite some time and have always wanted to create one. The funny thing is that I had a random epiphany that one day I had one lakh visitors. Looking back at the formative years spent in Carmel School at Erode, I can say with conviction that the computer bug bit me at a very young age.
When i was a kid , someone said me “u ve a different name….something is different in u.!..explore it…!!”. but i ws nt interested in ol thiz rubbish. i had a will of my own “kuch toh karke marna h…..”.i am provided with best education far possible as ma dad believed in me. he alwayz worked hard so that ma brothers n i could sleep well. i love ma mom!!!.She s d only person who alwayz trusted me n had a good belive on me “I kno u can do it…u ve done it before i ve seen u doing it since u were on ma laps…”.

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